Saturday, July 21, 2018

SPS 2018: Goodbye to the St. Albans Public Service Class of 2018!

We bid farewell today to the St. Albans School of Public Service class of 2018: fifty students from all over the U.S. (fifteen states) and even the world (that's you, Maggie!).  Although our students came from near (some living just a few blocks from the school) and far (the West Coast, the UK), by the end of four weeks at St. Albans they had come together.  In the words of Barratt D. on the last day, "SPS forever!"
The SPS Class of 2018 official picture

Friday, July 20, 2018

SPS 2018: Final Banquet

On the last full day at the St. Albans School of Public Service, the class gathers one last time altogether in the Refectory for the Final Banquet.  An enduring tradition that has emerged are the toasts/speeches during dinner, as any student who wishes gives a toast or short speech celebrating or reflecting upon the experience.  Whether humorous or heartfelt, SPS 2018's personalities came through and we will miss you all!
Lincoln C. was the first to be brave enough to come to the microphone

Jeremey J. (Alabama)

Anna B. (New York)

The appreciative crowd

Zeyad E. (Washington, D.C.)

London P. (Tennessee)

Taalin R. (Massachusetts)

Barratt D. (Washington, D.C.)

Christopher H. (Washington, D.C.)

Caitlin R. (Tennessee)

Frances S. (New Jersey)

Our wonderful intern Medhanit F. (Massachusetts) with Jeremey J. (Alabama)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SPS 2018: Visit with Former White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten

This morning, the St. Albans School of Public Service had the rare opportunity to meet with former White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten, who leads the Business Roundtable, an association of the CEOs of America's largest businesses.  Mr. Bolten asked for volunteer future journalists, who then "interviewed" him.  SPS '18 came up with some great questions!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

SPS 2018: Visit to the Library of Congress and its World War I Exhibit

Today the St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2018 visited one of our favorite places: the Library of Congress.  We split into three smaller groups and toured the Library as well as being able to spend a significant amount of time at the World War One exhibit, "Echoes of the Great War."  We learned that the Library's collection includes artifacts and students tried on helmets and a few brave souls even tried on gas masks!
Hands on access to World War I artifacts at the Library of Congress

Michael rocking the World War I helmet

The helmet looks good, Sydney!

Monday, July 9, 2018

SPS 2018: Visit to the Federal Reserve

The St. Albans School of Public Service class of 2018 followed up on their classroom work with Mr. Eagles learning about the role of the Federal Reserve Bank with a visit this afternoon to the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C.  We were also lucky enough during our visit to be able to have a private meeting and opportunity to ask questions to the Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve.

SPS 2018: Speaker Ian Urbina of the New York Times

At the St. Albans School of Public Service, we are firmly of the belief that journalism can and does serve the public interest.  This morning, we heard from a journalist, Ian Urbina, who has been making a difference as an investigative reporter for The New York Times.  Mr. Urbina spoke about his career path, as well as his groundbreaking series about the lawless world oceans, The Outlaw Ocean.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

SPS 2018: Twilight Tour of the Monuments

There's never a bad time to visit the National Mall and explore some of the beautiful and thought-provoking monuments, but tonight, we really lucked out with one of the nicest summer evenings you will ever see in July in our nation's capitol.  (Shhhhhhhhh . . . it's usually kinda hot and humid.)  The St. Albans School of Public Service took a few hours and visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and one of the newest additions to the Mall, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.  What a great way to reflect on what public service really means.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

SPS 2018: Saturday at SPS (Eastern Market and the Newseum)

Many St. Albans School of Public Service students are interested in someday returning to Washington, D.C., whether for college or work.  We enjoy giving the SPS students a closer look at Washington and the surrounding areas through our weekend excursions.  Today, SPS '18 began the day with a visit to Eastern Market, a food/arts/farmers market on Capitol Hill. 

After the visit to Eastern Market and a chance to browse bookstores, crafts stands, and eat brunch, it was off to one of the best museums in D.C., the Newseum.  The Newseum highlights interactive exhibits celebrating the First Amendment and the role of a free press in the United States and abroad.  Exhibits include segments of the Berlin Wall and a photojournalism display of seven decades of photographs of the year.