Saturday, July 21, 2012

SPS 2012: Goodbye and Good Luck!

We will miss the St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2012, after four great weeks of speakers, trips, case studies, and thoughtful conversations. We know from your words to your classmates at last night's Final Banquet that the experience was meaningful -- mostly because of each other. Good luck and stay in touch (it's not too early to plan for next year's Alumni Garden Party)!

Friday, July 20, 2012

SPS 2012: Final Evening At SPS

It was a great final evening at the St. Albans School of Public Service. After the final banquet, the SPS Class of 2012 continued the tradition of rising to speak to their classmates about their shared four-week experience. Later, we returned to where we started -- Gregory Court, scene of the opening cookout on June 24 -- for some s'mores.
Araba and Jahan at the SPS Banquet
Max Speaking to His Classmates
Liam and Bo are ready for some ribs!
Jordan is looking elegant!
Sergio shares his thoughts after the banquet

Kameron talks to his classmates after the banquet

Willy D (seated) and Frank at the final banquet
Caroline (aka Fergie) 
The s'mores are a hit!  (Ryan and JP)

Safety first! The RAs (Mr. and Mrs. Larocque) toast the marshmallows for the s'mores
Daniel, Araba, and Thomas P.  enjoying s'mores

SPS 2012: Winding Down . . . Last Bus Ride of SPS 2012!

It's the last full day of SPS 2012, and the last bus ride for the St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2012. (Don't worry, they don't actually ride with their heads stuck out the window!) This afternoon's destination is the National Portrait Gallery, one of the lesser known gems of the Smithsonian Museums. Then later it's back to the classroom for a final Congressional-style debate, followed by the SPS Farewell Banquet and some late-night s'mores in Gregory Court.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SPS 2012: Photo Slideshow of SPS Talent Show

(Click on any photo to go to the online photo album. Note: the slideshow is powered by flash and will not appear on Apple mobile devices.)

SPS 2012: Yes, These Are Our Future Leaders . . . And Yes, They Are Doing the Hokey Pokey (SPS Talent Show 2012)

SPS 2012: SPS Has Got Talent!

So, besides being smart and public-spirited, the St. Albans School Class of 2012 can entertain a little, as we learned at the Annual SPS Talent Show!

SPS 2012: Slideshow of Visit to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis

Enjoy a photo slideshow from our visit to Annapolis (note: the slideshow is powered by Flash, so it will not appear on Apple mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad)

SPS 2012: Visit to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis

Yesterday the St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2012 visited the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Our host, Naval Academy Political Science Professor Stephen Wrage, gave us a tour of campus and then posed a series of hypotheticals to our group about military ethics situations that have arisen in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The view from Bancroft Hall, the main residence for over 4000 midshipmen at the Naval Academy

Professor Wrage speaks with our group on the steps of Bancroft Hall

Willy D., Liam, and Olivia in the model midshipmen's room (no, the SPS dorm rooms are not that neat . . .)

Jordan, Max, Daniel and Jahan on a balcony of Memorial Hall at the Naval Academy

Caroline, Jordan, and Lhani in Memorial Hall at the Naval Academy

Some of the newest midshipmen, also known as plebes, en route to their next training event

Nick and Thomas P. during our discussion with Professor Wrage

Ryan K., Kurt, Ryan D., and Josh with Professor Wrage in Memorial Hall

Caleb, Ryan K, and JP on the bus as we prepare to leave St. Albans

Bo, Liam, Jahan, Daniel, and Araba in Memorial Hall at the Naval Academy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SPS 2012: Slideshow of Cathedral Bell Tower Tour

With the Sixth Largest Cathedral in the World kind of in our backyard, we couldn't let the St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2012 leave town without a visit to the heights of the Washington National Cathedral. Enjoy the slide show of photos from our tour of the Bell Tower (note: the slideshow is powered by Flash, so it will not show up on Apple mobile devices).

SPS 2012: Where Is This Man Running? Straight to the Senate! (VIDEO)

SPS 2012 day student Bo C. dresses on the run (note jacket and necktie in hand) as he heads for the front doors of St. Albans, ready to join a small group bound for the a Senate Banking Committee meeting at which Fed Chair Ben Bernanke testified on the state of the economy.  The group from SPS, led by Mr. Eagles, stayed for the entire testimony of Chairman Bernanke.  (Click HERE for a link to the Financial Times' coverage of Mr. Bernanke's testimony.)

Another small group, led by SPS faculty member John Stephany, went to the Atlantic Council, a think tank and public policy group focused on American foreign policy, to attend "Next Steps in U.S.-China Relations: A Conversation with Hank Paulson and Steve Hadley."  The event, featuring a discussion between former George W. Bush Cabinet Members Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary) and Stephen Hadley (National Security Advisor) was standing room only (but our SPS group did get seats).  (See below for the Atlantic Council's video of the event).  Many thanks to Mr. Eagles for making both events possible!

Monday, July 16, 2012

SPS 2012: Slideshow of Photos from Visit to Georgetown University

Enjoy a slideshow of photos from our day at Georgetown. Click on any photo to go to the online album. (Note: the slideshow is Flash-based so it will not show up on Apple mobile devices.)

SPS 2012: Visit to Georgetown University

Although it was just a little hot (see above video clip) in DC today, the St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2012 was still game to take a tour of the Georgetown University Campus. After our tour, it was over to Georgetown's McDonough School of Business for a talk by Georgetown Professor Paul Almeida on leadership in an age of globalization.

SPS 2012: First Annual SPS Masters Miniature Golf Tournament

Inaugural SPS Masters Champion Thomas C. lines up the putt -- note the championship level of concentration on his face!
The St. Albans School of Public Service Class of 2012 took part in another first Sunday afternoon -- the First Annual SPS Masters Miniature Golf Tournament.  Thomas C., with a sizzling one under par (see photo above), was our SPS Masters Champion, with Ford (1 over) and Caleb (3 over) close behind.  To round out the scoring, SPS Director Ms. Woods was the Women's Champion and Mr. Crossan was the Senior Champion.
Stefany's not sure how she did it, but she got a hole-in-one!

Frank's unconventional stance on the tee

Our third place finisher, Caleb, lining up the putt

A tricky curb shot for Max

Sunday, July 15, 2012

SPS 2012: The Annual Garden Party

The SPS 2012 crew got a chance to meet some of their illustrious forbears at the Annual SPS Alumni Garden Party. The rain held off (mostly) and we were able to enjoy dinner from Guapos and ice cream sundaes in Gregory Court. Thanks for coming back, alums!
SPS 2009 and 2010 alums (from left: Matt, Charlie, Dorothy, Ross, and Zach)

Catherine (SPS 2011) and Alexandra (SPS 2011) get a chance to catch up with Araba (SPS Class of 2012)

Alex, SPS '11, catches up with SPS '08 alum and SPS '11 and '12 RA Helen  

Bringing out the shades for the Garden party (from left: Thomas C., Ryan D., Willy A)

Memphis SPS, Past and Present: Janielle, SPS Class of 2012, chatting with an earlier SPSer from Memphis, Adam (SPS '04)

Three "generations" of awesome Vanderbilt interns!  (From left: Katie (2012), Diane (2009), and Lindsey (2006)